Friday, 10 June 2011

today i bought...

I've been lusting after this amazing Zara bomber jacket for quite some time, ever since I saw it in their May lookbook, and have been (im)patiently awaiting its arrival online. When it did arrive I featured it in 4th June's "today i'd love to wear". Of course, I didn't know how much it was until then, and admittedly the price of £89.99 definitely made me hover over the 'confirm order' button for a few moments. But you can't put a price on love, and so, as always with me, fashion triumphed over sense. I actually used the pick up in store delivery option for the first time and was very impressed; I paid no delivery charge, received a text and an email when my jacket was available for collection, and they retrieved it for me within seconds, all packaged up and ready to go. Not bad, really, and it made me wonder why hardly any other clothes shops offer this service. Anyway, this jacket is expensive, but it looks it, too. This is no cheap scratchy polyester. It feels like liquid in your hands, and I'm a bit obsessed with the amazing gold zips. It won't keep me warm, it won't do my bank balance any favours and it's pretty impractical, but when it looks this amazing, who cares?

Next up is another item I've been coveting for quite a while: these lovely silver shorts from H&M's Fashion Against Aids collection. Back when I first mentioned the collection on 27th April I expressed my love for the shorts, but bemoaned their £39.99 price tag. So what a joy to find them reduced to £19.99 on H&M's website last week. Now I had never ordered from H&M online before, and I have to say I don't think I will be doing so again. I first tried to order the shorts in the evening, only to find that the checkout wasn't working (though only realised it wasn't just my computer after a couple of hours of trying on and off). Then the next day most of it was working, but the 'pay by card' option was greyed out, which was ridiculously annoying. Meanwhile I was a little worried the shorts would sell out, but after a few more hours of trying I was finally able to order them. They then took 8 days to arrive. But arrive they did, and I did get 25% off by signing up to H&M's email newsletter, so effectively got free postage. Anyway, they're here now, and they're amazing. Sorry for the creases in this photo; I've already been wearing them (but with hems turned up as they're a little long). Outfit pictures to follow...


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