Wednesday, 27 April 2011

today i want... h&m fashion against aids

H&M's last Fashion Against Aids collection seemed to somehow pass me by, but in the aftermath I often came across street style snaps of people modelling its brilliant leather jackets, shorts and tees. So this time I've been keeping a close eye on the collection release date, and now it's finally here. This is a unisex collection, apparently (though how many men do you know who would carry a silver clutch?) and the price points are not too far off normal H&M prices. It's a colourful, slightly sporty collection, comprising mainly of basic tees, parkas and sweatshirts. But there are a few standout pieces that caught my eye, and below I've shown you my pick of the bunch. I really, really want those silver shorts (though at £39.90 they are a little more expensive than you'd expect) and the amazing Jil Sander-esque plastic bags, a mere £9.99 each. Plus the leather sleeveless jacket, as seen on Columbine Smille. The drawback is that this collection will only be hitting five UK stores (Manchester, Birmingham and three in London) as of tomorrow. And though it's currently available to buy online, a word of warning: don't buy unless you're sure, because if you try to return online purchases in-store you'll get credit rather than cash. Considering how much money I've spent recently anyway (hello new leather jacket) it might have to be a case of admire from afar for me. But if you're a little more economically blessed than I then get your credit card out pronto: it's for a really good cause, after all. Shop the collection online here.

Clockwise, from top left: Leather sleeveless jacket, £79.99; mint green sweatshirt, £19.99; silver shorts, £39.90; yellow plastic bag (also available in white), £9.99; grey shirt/jacket, £34.99; print vest top, £7.99; orange tee, £7.99; silver clutch, £9.99


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