Monday, 11 December 2017

december beauty favourites


Here are my beauty picks for this month...

You know I love discovering a new Diptyque. This softly scented candle is the perfect Christmas scent for those who want something a little different than pine or cinnamon. Don't get me wrong: I love pine and cinnamon, but this is a great alternative option.

The name of this scent didn't exactly entice me, but I received a sample of it and I absolutely love it. The only way I can describe it is super sophisticated: not too fruity or sweet, but neither too sultry for daytime. In fact I think it's the perfect fragrance to wear to work when you want to feel confident and ready to face the day.

Bear with me on this one... Hilarious name aside (and yes, I bought them mainly for the novelty factor), these smell absolutely divine, as you'd expect from Aesop. Personally I don't find the scent diffuses well when added to the toilet bowl as suggested; rather I use the oil in my diffuser in the bathroom (I copied the idea from a beauty editor interview I read a while ago). Give it a try if you're a fan of a bathroom that smells like a spa (who isn't?!)

Like pretty much everyone, I'm a big fan of The Ordinary for several reasons: a) the price, b) the packaging and c) because the products are really good. If that doesn't convince you, I'm not sure what will. This is essentially a chemical peel: it tingles on the skin at first, so if yours is sensitive, you might want to try the 5% concentrate version and build up. I alternate this with a glycolic acid and it definitely improves my skin texture and helps it feel less dull and lifeless.

It's really difficult to find a great SPF 50 moisturiser which a) doesn't leave your skin shiny and greasy, and b) doesn't cost the earth - it's usually one or the other. But this Alpha H version ticks both boxes. It's a lovely light texture, smells nice and a reasonable price. And if you want to get it even cheaper, here's a tip: they sell it on board British Airways flights for £25.

I'm a sucker for bath oils and I'm an even bigger sucker for anything that smells like a spa (see the Aesop oil above). This is both, plus it also foams up, which is very satisfying for someone that hasn't used actual bubble bath for years. I get massages at Clarins and they use the oil of this scent on me, so putting this in my tub transports me back into that massage chair every time: aka my favourite place in the world...

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