Saturday, 26 November 2011

today i want... asos neoprene skirt

Until quite recently, neoprene was nothing more to me than an odd material we sometimes used in CDT lessons at school. But then it slowly started to creep into designers' collections and very gradually began the slow but steady trickle down to the high street. I first featured a neoprene piece on my blog back in May when I fell in love with a certain neon green dress by ASOS Black. Slick, short and simple, this dress wasn't at first sight a look-at-me piece. But the figure-sculpting properties of its fabric propelled it into a whole different league. That's what intrigues me so much about neoprene, I think: it's bold and sexy but in a very modern way. By taking a fabric usually synonymous with supremely unsexy things like scuba gear and wetsuits, and fashioning a dress from it, you have all the appeal of the Hervé Léger bodycon movement but with none of the trashiness. The allure of neoprene is far less obvious and therefore far more fashionable. And it seems that in recent weeks the high street have caught onto this fact. COS was, as ever, ahead of the curve with its baby-pink scuba hoodies; Zara soon followed suit with simple boat-neck tops in black and blue. And now ASOS have got in on the act with this lovely skirt in peacock blue and grass green, with a matching jacket also available. There's something so fantastic about the idea of rocking up to the Christmas party in this, isn't there? A blue neoprene skirt suit, accessorised with slicked-back hair and a smoky eye, would be simply jaw-dropping against a sea of sequins and boring LBDs. Sadly I've already sorted my outfit for the office party, but if you've been searching for something different, then you may just have found it. Go on, I dare you...


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