Sunday, 4 September 2011

today i'd save on... equipment vs new look

On left: Equipment silk signature blouse, £253 at Matches
On right: New Look sheer snake blouse, £22.99

I seriously can't get enough of snake print right now. I've always loved it, but now I find myself literally wanting to wear it head to toe (I blame Chloé). Zara especially has an amazing selection of serpentine pieces, and I find myself physically having to click away from the page to stop myself loading up on python print bags and shoes (this beauty in particular is so, so hard to resist). But in the interests of reserving at least some of my funds, I've now turned my eye instead towards this amazing New Look shirt. I've wanted one of Equipment's gorgeous silk shirts for an incredibly long time (well, actually, I've wanted all of them), but there's no way I'm dropping over £200 on a shirt, even one with a snake print. For a mere £22.99, however, this New Look version will provide me with the perfect purse-friendly (and washing machine-friendly) alternative, and hopefully will keep my reptilian cravings at bay... at least for now.


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