Sunday, 3 July 2011

today i'm inspired by... topshop glam rock collection

No sooner do we finally get to enjoy some legs out weather here in the UK than the fashion industry has moved onto autumn. That's right people, it's July, and in fashion terms that means S/S is so over and it's all about A/W from now on. This doesn't mean, of course, that we'll be swaddling ourselves in fur coats quite yet, but there's no harm in getting excited about all the winter wear just a little early. Besides, we're always lusting after little shorts and tiny tops when the temperature is in single figures, so why shouldn't it work the other way around, too? So with that in mind I bring you this teaser of one of Topshop's upcoming collections, Glam Rock (see more collections here). Admittedly it's still too early in the year to quite envisage how the autumn trends will look when we get around to wearing them (there are always some trends I can never imagine succumbing to, but inevitably do) but I am definitely liking the direction this collection is going in. Regular readers will recognise the glitter boots in the first shot, which currently hold the number one slot on my wish list. New in at number two are those divine rose gold sandals in the third picture, which are a dead ringer for some of Alexander Wang's. The sheer dress in the first shot is also appealing to me, though I don't think I'll be wearing that pink coat anytime soon. Anyway, the good news is that these collections will start to arrive in Topshop from next week onwards. That could mean it will still be weeks before I can get my hands on those boots, but it could also be a matter of days... I can hardly contain my excitement.


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