Saturday, 18 June 2011

today i bought...

Ever since I saw these lovely Topshop jeans on Elin Kling's blog a few days ago, I really quite wanted them for myself. Unfortunately they've all but sold out online, but happily they still had a few pairs in my local shop. I would never usually have gone for striped jeans but there's just something about these Isabel Marant-esque beauties that I love.

Also picked up this gorgeous pair of matching cuffs in H&M. I love the idea of wearing one on each wrist; somehow it seems more modern than just one. And at £6.99 for the pair they won't be breaking the bank. Which is just as well, because the money guilt got to me a bit this week and unfortunately the Zara bomber jacket had to be returned. But who knows, maybe we'll meet again in the sales...


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