Friday, 20 February 2015

today i'd love to wear to london fashion week...

So it's that time of year again: London Fashion Week is upon us. My favourite circus of shows, stilettos and students dressed ridiculously, yearning to be photographed. Sadly I won't be covering it this season, but I think I'll show up at the weekend and see if I can photograph some of the aforementioned outrageously dressed people. I've said it before though and I'll say it again: nothing says fashion week newbie like an over-the-top outfit. The rule is this: the more important you are in the fashion world, the more understated you dress. Brightly coloured stoles, super stacked heels and bare legs scream teenaged wannabe blogger. The editors and buyers will be in trainers and slouchy tailoring with a ridiculously expensive yet completely unbranded bag tucked under their arms. Personally, I like to dress somewhere in between (considering myself perhaps somewhere between a crazed teenaged blogger and a chic fashion editor - just a twenty-something who works in IT, if you will). So here's what I would be wearing this weekend were money no object…

The statement coat: Whistles Kumiko short faux fur coat / £275
It wouldn't be fashion week without a statement coat, especially for the A/W season. NYFW has been positively glacial this year so huge furs and oversized woollen creations have been a-gogo. Personally I love this cropped Whistles beauty: toasty and warm, thereby practical (totally underdressing for the weather is so not au fait anymore, darlings), but also totally eye-catching, in the good way.

The reasonably impractical but not totally impractical shoes: & Other Stories open toe leather ankle boots / £125
The peep-toe ankle boot treads that elusive line: you won't totally freeze your toes off, nor will you get a stilettoed heel stuck in the cobbles at Somerset House (now that really is the one major pitfall you don't want to - literally - fall into). But you're not in comfy flats either. They're just directional enough to say: I totally know fashion, but I still want to be able to walk and not get frostbite.

The jewellery of the moment. Subtle, but peeking out from behind your nicely unkempt hair it will offer just a little glimmer of fashion know-how. Not too much, mind.

The impractical skirt: Topshop inverted pleated zip skirt / £50
Well, we can't be totally sensible. White = bare legs are a must, hence the not totally impractical shoes to go with it. But damn, I love white and cream together, and the structured volume of this beauty suggests it won't fly up in the wind or be totally flimsy and freezing. Just don't show that you're cold, even if you are. That's the key.

You can't really not have a designer bag at fashion week. High street clothes are absolutely fine, encouraged even (Whistles and Topshop are probably among the most-spotted brands and the most anticipated shows), but when it comes to arm candy, it's got to be a cut above. Christopher Kane's clutches are perfect: understated, no big flashy logos, but with a signature buckle that only fashion folk will understand the relevance of. And really that's the whole principle you're going for here: looking super fashionable, but in a way that only other super fashionable people will recognise. Amen to that.

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