Monday, 16 February 2015

today i love... the monday wish list

Maybe it's just blind optimism but lately I'm feeling like sockless weather isn't all that far away. I'm still not immune to the charms of a good mule and these white beauties are my current crush.

Finding the perfect cushion is a deceptively difficult task, but I think I might have stumbled upon the answer in this lovely tan suede specimen. It will look perfect against a black leather sofa and brilliantly complement my tan cowhide rug.

At the moment I seem to be gravitating towards clothes that I'll have no chance of wearing anytime soon. Maybe it's because I'm trying to rein in my shopping lately so my subconscious is lusting after items I can't possibly justify buying...? Either way, come summer this dress would be the perfect answer to any wedding or garden party invites.

It's always, always worth investing in gold-plated jewellery so as to avoid that awful green tinge cheap brass jewellery leaves. ASOS' own gold-plated collection is surprisingly affordable and has some real gems. I love this super simple, delicate necklace: ideal for everyday wear.

5. MAC strobe cream / £24.50
I've heard good things about this radiance-boosting primer, said to brighten and boost dull, tired skin for that elusive dewy glow we all strive for. Sign me up.

Because I'm just really feeling a sleeveless high-necked top right now.

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