Saturday, 24 June 2017

june beauty favourites

beauty favourites june 2017

I don't have to tell you how much I love Diptyque candles. I'm sure you love them too. But if you've only ever stuck to the tried and tested faithful scents like Baies, Roses and Figuier, I'd like to tempt you to branch out a little. Some of my absolute favourite scents have been those I've ventured to try which are a little less familiar. My absolute favourite at the moment is Opopanax. Diptyque's description of the scent is: "The fragrance of the myrrh resin is warm, sensual and rounded with a tinge of balsamic and sweet vanilla. If you dream of visiting ancient lands cloaked in mystery, Opopanax will take you there." That feels like a pretty grand promise to me, but it does smell deep, velvety and exotic, and I'd highly recommend it.

More and more I'm leaning towards liquid or cream textured make-up in my endless quest to transform my somewhat dry, dull skin into a fresh-faced picture of dewiness (see my everyday dewy make-up video for more on this). I already love the Multiple in Copacabana for the perfect highlight to sweep over my cheekbones, but I've now added this delicious reddish pink shade in place of powder blush for a more natural flush.

If you're a fan of beachy textured hair but not so much of that crunchy feeling that salt sprays give you, then this salt-free wave spray is a great option. Personally I like the way salt sprays take out that "fluffy" feeling of newly-washed hair, but this is good for days when my hair already feels scrunchy enough. Plus the packaging is great, the price can't be argued with and it's an ideal travel size.

I know some people who have been fake tanning for years, but personally I could never be bothered with it. It always seemed like so much effort: exfoliate thoroughly, apply with a mitt being really careful not to leave any streaks, stand around drying for ages so that you don't turn your sheets orange and end up smelling of biscuits. I've always preferred to just embrace being pale. But last summer I discovered this in-shower tanner from St. Tropez and trust me: it's a game changer. Not only is it so incredibly hassle-free - you literally apply it like shower gel and wait three minutes - but it's completely impossible to go wrong. You don't need to exfoliate, it never streaks, it doesn't dye your towels or sheets, and it builds up to a natural glow - even if you're as pale as me. The only downside is it does still smell of biscuits, but we can't have everything, eh?

Sometimes you want a nude lipstick which is barely there, just to add a little sheen to your lips; for that, I reach for NARS' Cruising. But on days when you want a proper lip which will last, but not in a "look at me" colour, this velvety pinky nude is perfect.

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