Friday, 7 April 2017

the april wish list

I'm off on holiday to Mexico in May (can't wait can't wait) so this month's wish list has a distinct holiday theme. So I'm #sorrynotsorry if you're going to be stuck in rainy England for the foreseeable future. Although, having said that, the forecast tells us we'll be in for some actual real life sun soon, so maybe you can wear these pieces down by your local canal, or something...?

I've said it before, but in case you're not a diehard fan who's read every single one of my blog posts (say what?), Whistles bags are the only high street bags I'll buy. Yeah, I'm a total designer bag snob: they just feel so much more special. My general philosophy is super simple outfit plus super luxe accessories, but I make an exception for Whistles bags because they do feel expensive and special, despite being not at all unreasonably priced. Oh, and I'm obsessed with anything ponyskin.

It's sunglasses season! I love buying a new pair of sunglasses in springtime to get me excited for sunny days. Actually I've already bought some (these amazing LeSpecs beauts that you may have seen me trying on in my Instastories). However, I'm tempted by this pair as well: the perfect universally flattering shape in that universally renowned shade reserved only for sunglasses and cats: tortoiseshell.

Just came across this top today in my endless aimless internet scrolling (I kind of do it without even thinking now) and sat up straight. I don't know quite why, but I absolutely love this. So cheap too. I am so going to be wearing it on holiday with a high-waisted skirt and hopefully a very, very faint SPF 50 tan.

My favourite sarcastic Australian beauty blogger Gemma Watts swears by this, and frankly what that girl doesn't know about highlighters is not worth knowing: she has the dewiest skin I've ever seen. The reviews on Space NK agree. Not cheap, but every now and then a girl needs a ludicrously overpriced beauty purchase, right? Though since I just ordered another Diptyque candle and they've had the cheek to increase the price of them AGAIN, maybe I'll wait a while before getting this...

Melissa Odabash Bali triangle bikini / £79.20 at the Outnet
I've never really seen the point in spending loads of money on swimwear, but people do rave about Melissa Odabash. Plus at this reduced price it's not that ridiculous. I mean, we all know that nobody is ever going to look as good in a white bikini as Cameron Diaz, but we can keep trying.

To be honest I thought sliders were tiny burgers and that the shoes were called slides, but apparently Topshop disagree with me, and they should know what they're talking about, right? In any case these are super duper cheap and I really like the contrast between the basic rubber sole and the shiny shiny bow.


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