Sunday, 26 March 2017

march beauty favourites

This month's beauty picks include two haircare products (thanks to learning how to style my new 'do), a life-changing toner and a classic perfume. Read on to see what I thought of them all.

beauty favourites march 2017

My little sister gave me this and it's my new favourite. With my shorter hairstyle, when freshly-washed it can have a tendency to look a little too flicky and polished. This spray adds instant volume and musses it up a bit so my style looks more lived-in and less prissy. Highly recommend it.

I received a sample of this toner in my Marks & Spencer beauty advent calendar and since then I've purchased the full-sized version, which is always the test of a good product. This is the first toner I've found that actually feels like it's doing something; in fact, you can definitely feel the glycolic acid tingling. I do notice an improvement in my skin tone with regular use (just don't use it more than three times a week if you have dry skin like me, as it can be quite harsh).

The Ordinary is my new favourite brand for three reasons: firstly, it's super cheap so you can afford to experiment with the products without investing your life savings. Secondly, they are not afraid to say they contain chemicals. So sick of beauty brands saying they're all-natural or organic or chemical-free. Chemicals are not a bad thing, people. We are all made of chemicals. Let's all stop assuming that putting the word natural or organic in front of something means it's better for you: there's absolutely no scientific evidence to support that. Thirdly, the packaging is divine. This retinoid serum is my new favourite, as retinol is such a great ingredient if you have skin that can be prone to blemishes, but this is a gentle incarnation of it.

Along with most women who don't wash their hair every day, I am hugely reliant on dry shampoo. Such a lifesaver. But I have to say I was getting a bit sick of Batiste leaving my hair laden with powder and marks on all my black clothes. So I did some research and the internet informed me that Klorane's dry shampoo was the best of the bunch. So far, I agree. Yes, it's more expensive than Batiste, but it really does leave less of that powdery residue, plus it smells way more sophisticated and leaves your hair looking genuinely fresh. I'm a convert.

Prada La Femme eau de parfum / £69 for 50ml (100ml shown here)
I got this perfume at Christmas and it quickly rose to the top of my fragrance line-up. It has everything I look for in a beautiful scent: classic brand, a strong, elegant feminine fragrance and best of all an exquisite bottle.

Ordinarily mascara is one of the beauty items I would advocate not splashing out on. Unlike with lipsticks, you often can't tell the difference between cheap and expensive mascaras. But I have to break my own rule for this Benefit formula, which is definitely one of the best I've tried. It gives really good volume while avoiding the dreaded clump = the mascara holy grail.

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