Sunday, 11 December 2016

december beauty favourites

Apologies for the blog silence of late: work and life have got in the way. But I'm back and want to share with you some of the beauty products I'm loving this month...

Beauty favourites Dec 16

Those of us with dry skin are always frantically searching for ways to feign a dewy glow, especially in winter when the harsh conditions make things worse. This stick makes the job super easy: just a swipe across the cheekbones and a little on the Cupid's bow and you're done: no mess, no fuss and minimal effort. I don't know about you but that's the way I like my beauty products.

I wandered into KIKO when looking for a new foundation brush the other day, and the assistant managed to talk me into buying this, which has a sponge in the centre and brush round the outside. To be honest I pretty much thought it was a gimmick and didn't expect to think much of it. However, I have to say I'm actually really impressed with it. You put a dab of foundation directly onto the sponge and the brush helps to distribute it evenly. Still kind of a gimmick admittedly, but a gimmick that I like.

I love having a diffuser in my bathroom and this scent is the most sophisticated I've come across yet. If you want your house to smell divine, look no further.

I'm really enjoying my Marks & Spencer beauty advent calendar and this is one of my favourite treats so far. I love a good hair oil, and while my favourite is Oribe's Gold Lust, I don't mind cheating on it with this. It smells divine and I love the stopper bottle (if not the most practical dispensing solution).

When it comes to serums I don't play favourites. While my night moisturiser from Origins is a failsafe, I'm happy to switch up the serum I layer underneath it to try out different ones. I do have a few favourites, though, and this has made it onto that list. It smells beautiful and is pleasingly rich yet easily absorbed. This little sample size is ideal for travelling, too.

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