Tuesday, 18 October 2016

look fantastic beauty box

I was lucky enough to attend a fantastic blogging workshop hosted by the lovely people at rewardStyle last weekend in the most Instagrammable venue I've ever seen (the Violin Factory in London - Google it and get ready to feel like your home is inadequate). The event was sponsored by Look Fantastic and we were very kindly given one of their beauty boxes to try out.

look fantastic beauty box

I love the concept of a beauty box. Anyone who loves beauty products knows that it comes with an insatiable desire to keep trying new things. I'm sure you, like me, have mountains and mountains of samples and barely used products and yet you just can't wait to keep trying more. The thought of a new serum that's like no other or a mask that will revitalise your skin leaving it unrecognisable: these overblown promises rarely deliver what they say they will, and yet we just can't help but test them to be sure.

At least with a beauty box you get to sample relatively inexpensive mini versions before - rarely - splashing out on a full size product when you fall in love. So what's in this box? I haven't exhaustively used up these goodies so this isn't a review of them: more of a teaser to tempt you into trying them out for yourself (I do love the mask already though). And if you're as much of beauty lover as I am, you inevitably won't be able to resist.

Alterna Caviar moisture intense oil crème pre-shampoo treatment


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