Saturday, 14 May 2016

today i love… 5 of the best rose candles

Anyone who knows me will tell you I'm obsessed with rose in all its forms. From the flower itself (in white please, any potential suitors) to rosewater in drinks and desserts (incidentally I'm enjoying a raspberry and rose martini currently) through to anything bath, body or scent related. However, with the latter category, it has to be said that it's very easy to get it wrong. Nothing says fusty like a cheap rose fragrance (which is why it often gets a bad rep). Cheap rose soap or bubble bath = eugh. So that's why when it comes to rose candles - obviously my favourite way to enjoy this scent - you really need to invest in high quality. Above are my favourite deep and expensive smelling rose candles. My absolute favourite, Diptyque Rosamundi, was sadly limited edition, but the standard Diptyque Roses is a close second, while the & Other Stories beauty is my best budget pick - smells way above its price tag. Incidentally, the same goes for vanilla - don't go anywhere near cheap vanilla scents. Diptyque's Vanille is divine though...

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