Sunday, 21 February 2016

today i love… beauty favourites


Here's the current crop of cosmetics I'm loving right now…

Anyone who knows me knows I'm evangelical about sun cream: SPF 50 all day, all year for me. This particular cream has a lovely texture and makes a perfect base for make-up. In winter months I mix it with my moisturiser and layer it on top when the sun is actually shining. Downside: it's heinously expensive but if you snap it up in a gift set like I did, you'll see it's worth the hype.

In general cheaper candles are a false economy: the scents are not as complex and sometimes they don't even give out much fragrance at all. But & Other Stories is one of the few brands I'll cheat on Diptyque with. Their candles are deeply scented with beautiful rich fragrances. This is my absolute favourite winter candle: deep, smoky and a little masculine. Perfect for cosy rainy nights in.

I used to be one of those people who never saw the point of toner and to be honest, I'm still not entirely sure what it does… But this one smells amazing and makes my skin feel fresh but not tight. Plus I can't get enough of these gorgeous Grown Alchemist bottles in my bathroom.

Topshop sheer lips in Red Alert / £8
I love wearing lipstick but I usually end up restricting it to evenings, because if I properly apply it during the day it always ends up transferring onto coffee cups and sandwiches. However, this sheer formula is the perfect daytime compromise: it looks less "done" than a full lip and can be easily reapplied. I can't actually find this online anymore so it may have been limited edition, but hopefully it'll be back in stock soon.

I've been obsessed with this perfume since I bought it. I'm not very good at describing scents but suffice it to say it's a really sophisticated yet unique fragrance and I guarantee you'll love it. Plus: the best bottle design ever.

I got this in a Space NK beauty box and I love it: its silky formula is just what my drenched hair needs. I apply it to damp ends before styling and it really softens them. It smells pretty great, too.

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