Tuesday, 28 July 2015

today i'm reviewing… grown alchemist anti-oxidant treatment serum


I'm pretty much obsessed with Australian beauty brand Grown Alchemist, whose products boast not only divine packaging and heavenly scents but pretty reasonable prices, too. But do they do what they say on the tin?

I've got a few of their products but I've chosen to review the face serum because it's a particular beauty product that has so far eluded me. I've tried numerous serums but have never been taken with any of them. I was particularly put off after splashing out £42 on REN's rose serum only to find it smelled faintly fishy and didn't really do much. Happily, though, I think I've finally found my serum Holy Grail. The viscosity is perfect: not quite as runny as an oil (and less greasy), but not oddly thick and creamy like a couple of serums I've tried. It does need to be dispensed carefully as a little goes a long way and it will run off your face if you go overboard. And admittedly it can be tricky to get the perfect amount: I found I was using way too much at first, but if you don't use enough it doesn't feel as satisfying. But after a little trial and error I generally found that a centimetre's worth from the dropper is about right. A huge plus for me is that it smells absolutely gorgeous: like fresh rose petals, and if you know me, you know I'm obsessed with all things rose. The scent is luxurious and expensive, and it feels that way on your skin, too. Rub in smoothly with circular motions on a cleansed (and/or toned) face, and follow up with your usual moisturiser (unless you have very oily skin, in which case you could probably use it alone).

It's hard to quantify the effects of one facial product versus all the others I use simultaneously, but I do think it's left my face smoother and feeling more deeply nourished (I only use it at night, mind you, as it is probably too greasy for daytime). I also just really love applying it: it feels and smells wonderful. The only negative is that 20ml doesn't go a very long way, but then again I was using too much at first so if you're reasonably sparing you'll get a good amount of use out of it. Plus, it means I need to use less moisturiser so that's indirectly saving me money. The real test, though, is that I'm definitely going to buy it again. That for me is the ultimate decider.

Results: ****
Hard to quantify, but I love the way it makes my skin feel.
Packaging: *****
Beautiful. The perfect addition to any bathroom shelf.
Scent: *****
Gorgeous: fresh, sophisticated rose.
Cost: ***
Not exactly a bargain, but well worth it.
Overall: ****

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