Friday, 26 June 2015

today i'm reviewing… frank body original coffee scrub


Welcome to a new category on the blog: beauty reviews. Lately I've been spending almost as much on beauty products as I do on fashion (basically addicted to SpaceNK and FeelUnique), so I thought it was only right to expand the scope of the blog a little. Let me start off by saying that my reviews will never be paid for or influenced, or anything other than my own honest unbiased opinion. First up: Frank original body scrub.

I'd heard a whisper on the social media grapevine about Australian brand Frank's body scrub, and when I read in Grazia a few weeks ago that it was newly available in the UK, I knew I had to try it. It wasn't until I perused the brand's website and Instagram that I realised quite what a cult following it has. This coffee-based scrub claims to treat everything from acne to excema, and the customer reports on the hashtag #thefrankeffect are pretty astonishing. I have to say, I take this all with a pinch of salt, and I wasn't expecting miracles from it. I was, however, expecting a really good body scrub.

And happily, that's exactly what I got. I've invested in too many lacklustre scrubs in my time: ones that barely tickle you and don't so much exfoliate as lather. What you really want is something tough, rough and scratchy, to really get rid of all that dead skin. And that's exactly what this is. Essentially you scoop up handfuls of coffee granules (well, along with salt, sugar, almond and orange oil) and rub them all over yourself. Then you stand there looking as though you've been rolling around in soil for 10 minutes to let the ingredients do their thing. Finally you rinse off and reveal super duper baby-smooth skin. Now I've only used the scrub once so I can't comment on its long-term effects (I'll try and remember to come back and update you). But two days after using it my skin is still amazingly soft and my whole bathroom smelled amazing for hours. It is a bit of a faff and a bit of a mess, but that's totally worth it, if you ask me. The cherry on the cake is the price: under £12 and free delivery is an absolute winner in my book.

Results: *****
In a nutshell, does what it says on the tin.
Packaging: ****
I'd prefer it in a pot than a sachet, but I love the logo and marketing of the brand.
Scent: *****
A delicious heady mix of coffee and orange.
Cost: *****
Very good value for money.
Overall: *****

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