Sunday, 29 March 2015

today i bought… zara quilted wide strap sandals

zara quilted wide strap leather sandals

So whether the weather would suggest it or not, it's now officially British summer time, which means only one thing to me: the transition to open-toed footwear is not far away. It's probably the only way in which I have any difference between my "summer" and "winter" wardrobes: the amount of air my shoes let in. Anyway, even though it's not quite upon us, it's time to start investing in sandals ready for transition day. Last summer was all about the ugly sandal and personally, I'm not done with them yet. These perfectly man-repelling specimens remind me of the Isabel Marant crossover slides I was obsessing over last year, and they sit perfectly between a Birkenstock and a pool slide. Honestly, I kind of can't wait to kick off my heeled ankle boots and start stomping around in these babies. Now I just need a few more degrees on the thermometer so I don't lose my toes to frostbite in the process…

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  1. These are so cute! Do they run true to size?


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