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Happy new year everyone! It's time for my annual self-indulgent look back at what I was wearing last year. It only remains for me to thank you all so much for reading my blog. I hugely appreciate every single page view, comment, tweet and like. I really hope you've enjoyed stopping by this year and I encourage you to get in touch with any comments or suggestions on any of my social media channels. Here's to a fantastic 2015!

January /

January 2014

Back in January I was kind of obsessed with my two new Phillip Lim bags (those post-Christmas sales really did some damage to my bank account). My favourite grey Whistles knit (another sale buy) also got a lot of outfit airtime, as did my little black furry beanie.

February /

February 2014

Fashion week in February saw me running around & Other Stories in a mad panic, but it actually resulted in one of my favourite accessory buys of the year: the cross body ostrich-effect bag. I wore it to one of my favourite shows of the year: Charlie May (still remembering the amazing cronut that was waiting on my seat that day). I continued to get good use out of my favourite zipped ankle boots and also added pearl earrings to my jewellery repertoire, inspired by the Sophie Billie Brahe craze gripping the blogosphere.

March /

March 2014

Arguably my favourite shoes of 2014 - the Zara mules - accessorised most of my outfits in March (luckily it wasn't too horrendously cold). The ponyskin skirt I snapped up in the Topshop sale became my most beloved bargain for some time and I still can't get over what a great find it was.

April /

April 2014

A warm April meant I could continue wearing the mules to death, as well as my favourite lace-up strappy heels. I also dug out my trusty Ray-Bans and my ever-faithful collection of leather jackets made the perfect transitional cover-ups.

May /

May 2014

I spent two weeks in Cuba in May (such a great holiday) so the shorts were out unseasonably early this year. Before I left I invested in my third Phillip Lim bag (oops), the beautiful silky navy 31 minute clutch, which I proceeded to carry around for much of the rest of the year.

June /

June 2014

After returning from Cuba I shamelessly wore lots of white to show off my uncharacteristically good tan (my SPF 50 tan, I might add - safety first, kids), including a zipped skirt that quickly proved a summer favourite. Another Whistles sale buy, my neoprene sweatshirt, also became a hardworking staple of my wardrobe.

July /

July 2014

Aside from mules, the other biggest shoe trend of the year had to be pool slides, and in July I finally got my hands on Whistles' blue beauties. Never have I loved an ugly sandal quite so much. A hot summer meant shorts, camis and light cover-ups like the white mesh bomber I eagerly snapped up from Topshop.

August /

August 2014

At the end of July I invested in my beloved Alexander Wang Prisma tote, which has since proven one of my hardest working accessories. I also bought the grey version of my white Topshop Boutique sweat and found it to be the perfect summer cover-up.

September /

September 2014

LFW in September meant I wore a ridiculously huge fur coat in 20 degree heat… The things we do for fashion, eh? But my love for Whistles' navy Kumiko coat has not diminished, and I'm still snuggled up in it almost all the time (now much more comfortably in these freezing temperatures). I also invested in a midi dress from H&M to shake up my silhouette just a little.

October /

October 2014

Changeable weather in October meant it was bare legs one day and thick coats the next, but I took the opportunity to dig out some old favourite outerwear pieces. I also made good use of my huge Acne Studios sweatshirt (another fashion week purchase) and a new midi leather skirt.

November /

November 2014

Winter accessories were the order of the day in November: my favourite grey wool scarf from & Other Stories barely left my neck, and my navy mohair bobble hat from Whistles kept my head toasty too. I also wore two of my favourite pairs of ankle boots to death: my new ponyskin Zara beauties and the replacement Acne Pistols (RIP old battered ones).

December /

December 2014

More of the same in December really: I didn't buy much in preparation for the onslaught of the sales. And believe me, they have done some serious damage to my bank account, so I've got lots of new goodies to be wearing in 2015… Watch this space!

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