Monday, 10 November 2014

today i want… zara grey cashmere sweater

Zara grey cashmere v-neck sweater

First, a disclaimer. Sorry about the bad blogging form lately: unfortunately life has got in the way a bit. Plus as I'm sure those of you who face similar dilemmas will know, it gets harder and harder to find a moment to take outfit photos at this time of year when it's not dark, raining or both. So, with that in mind, just a wish list post today, but for an item that has been circling around in my mind for days now, ever since I saw it in person two weeks ago and couldn't stop stroking the thing. I sometimes think that I'd love nothing more than to have a totally streamlined wardrobe full of absolute classics with not a trend-led piece in sight. These daydreams are generally filled with the most classic of leather jackets (Acne's Mape, please), heaps of Céline bags and piles and piles of tactile cashmere knits. This v-neck specimen is surely the ultimate wear-forever piece. It is feather-soft 100% cashmere, deliciously oversized and in the most versatile colour imaginable. Sadly the price also speaks of a forever-piece, so for now it will stay on my wish list. But if you're in the market for a Christmas gift that's luxurious yet practical, look no further.

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