Friday, 3 October 2014

today i want… whistles faux fur clutch

Whistles faux fur clutch

Faux fur is definitely having what we pretentious fashion people like to call a "moment" right now. It's everywhere and it's not even cold yet. Mark my words, as soon as the temperature drops you won't be able to move for shaggy coats and brightly coloured stoles. The thing with faux is that it really needs to be good in order not to look cheap. Take my advice and steer clear of the lower end of the high street on this one. As ever, Whistles can be relied upon to make any trend classy and this is no exception. Their Kumiko faux fur coat has been a runaway hit already. As you'll know I wore my navy version to fashion week, but it actually turned out to have a small rip in the collar so I exchanged it for a new one. This proved a difficult task, with the customer service team tracking down the last remaining size Small in the UK and shipping it to me from Glasgow (as ever they were incredibly lovely and oh so helpful). Although it is now back in stock here if you haven't snapped one up yet. In any case it is a thing of beauty and truly looks more expensive than it is. If you can't stretch to the Kumiko, though, then I suggest dipping a toe (or rather hand) into the trend with this adorable two-tone clutch. It has more than a hint of Shrimps about it (in case you didn't know, I'm referring to the faux fur specialist brand whose profile has had a meteoric rise in London fashion circles in recent months… not the seafood). It's pretty reasonably priced and what's more, you can get 25% off with Grazia until October 6th (not sure if I'm allowed to give you the code but you'll find it online no doubt). I kind of want to tuck it under my arm while wearing the Kumiko coat… Can you have too much of a good thing? Maybe more is more after all.

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  1. I am obsessed with this clutch, if only I could justify the £50 price tag..

    Charlotte x


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