Saturday, 18 October 2014

today i want… alexander wang x h&m grey sweatshirt


Alexander Wang x H&M grey sweatshirt / £34.99

I'm sure you'll be aware that H&M's latest designer collaboration, arguably its most anticipated yet, launches on November 6th. Ever since Alexander Wang's nonchalant sports-inspired aesthetic started popping up on off-duty models in the early noughties, he's been the poster boy for a certain kind of cool that few can master. I myself have always been a huge fan of his designs; you'll no doubt have realised how much I love my Prisma tote of his. So I've geared myself up for the inevitable couple of hours of frantic webpage refreshing that come with any of H&M's collabs in order to get my hands on a select few pieces. Top of my wish list has to be this very wearable and reasonably priced sweat. My only hesitation? I can't help but worry that ordinary (read: non-fashion) people may just wonder why I'm wearing a rude word emblazoned across my chest…

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