Monday, 6 October 2014

today i love… the monday wish list

I've been looking for the perfect camel coat for as long as I can remember. Last week I ordered an oversized one from ASOS, but oversized really is an understatement: it is absolutely huge. This one is now on its way to me but I'm not sure yet whether it might be a little too pale. I'll have to wait and see whether this is that elusive perfect coat I've been waiting for.

I've just discovered French Connection's home range and I'm a little bit obsessed. Decorating my imaginary dream home is a favourite pastime of mine and it certainly involves this amazing candle holder sitting on the windowsill.

Autumn is finally actually here, and rather than bemoan the loss of the sun and the inevitable end of bare legs season (sob), I'd prefer to concentrate on the upsides, and one of those is that ankle boot time is upon us. I do love a good ankle boot. This pair are especially taking my fancy right now, what with their perfect heel height and croc panel.

Like the perfect camel coat, the perfect roll neck can be difficult to find. I really don't like the skinny 60s style ones: not for me. But give me something oversized and with just the right amount of slouch and it's a different matter. And anything that means you don't have to lug a scarf around is always a winner with me.

You know I love a candle. I adore Jo Malone's because they are pretty much the epitome of luxury. If you've ever bought one you'll know they come in the most divine packaging (it even includes a beautiful box of matches) and smell even more heavenly. The brand's latest scent is designed to evoke a windswept shore: the air fresh with sea salt mingled with the woody earthiness of sage. In short, the perfect autumn fragrance if ever there were one.

I still haven't bought a leather backpack and yet I still can't get them out of my head. I've lingered over the purchase button on so many different ones but nothing has tempted me enough. This Reiss beauty might just be the one, though. The polished details swiftly dispatch any scruffy connotations the rucksack could hold, while the quilted panel adds interest.

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