Thursday, 28 August 2014

today i want… asos white silk duster coat


From what I can tell, ASOS White is somewhat in the same vein as Topshop Boutique: a slightly more luxurious, minimalist line with a higher fashion edge. AKA, totally my cup of tea. As I start to think/panic about fashion week outfits, I'm finding myself drawn to the whole ASOS White line, particularly the luxe silk pieces in navy and lilac. My obsession with silk bralets aside (because, let's be honest, when can you actually wear one of those?), I've been finding myself lingering over this beautiful navy silk coat for a few weeks now. The perfect impractical piece for fashion week: I mean, really, what use is silk outerwear? But that's precisely why I love it. I think it would be particularly perfect over a simple white dress and pool slides. Now I just have to hope that the weather will hold out so that I won't need to invest in some slightly more practical clothing…

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