Saturday, 21 June 2014

today i want… topshop white airtex bomber jacket

Topshop white airtex bomber jacket

The sales are in full swing now, so of course it makes perfect sense that the one thing I'm totally lusting after at the moment is, you guessed it, full price. But it's still a pretty reasonable price, to be fair. I've been searching for the perfect white bomber jacket for a good few months now, ever since I first saw Charlie May's beautiful version. Sadly the price was a little steep for me, so I've been hunting around on the high street for a more purse-friendly alternative. It's taken a while, but finally Topshop have delivered. It's almost exactly what I had in mind. I just hope it lives up to the picture in real life, because it's winging its way towards me as we speak and I simply cannot wait.

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