Monday, 9 June 2014

today i want… h&m black cross strap jumpsuit

HM black cross strap jumpsuit

I'm been thinking about getting a jumpsuit for a long time now; it must be about two years since they made their fashionable comeback and they haven't really gone anywhere since. But I've never found quite the right one. Three reasons why I think this H&M version might just make me finally invest: 1) the cross back detail makes it a little bit special but still beautifully minimal; 2) it's black, aka the most flattering colour - I wouldn't try a jumpsuit in any other colour, to be honest; 3) it's cheap, so not much of a loss even if I only get a couple of chances to wear it - let's face it, there aren't too many occasions in life that call for a jumpsuit. You may think this is a little seasonally inappropriate given the beautiful weather we've been having (hurrah!) But as we all know, showing too much flesh is never a good idea, whatever the weather. So I like that this jumpsuit keeps your legs covered so your back can do the talking.

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