Tuesday, 17 June 2014

today i bought… topshop black v-neck crop top

topshop black crop top

So here's a question: how old is too old to wear a crop top? If you'd have asked me a couple of years ago I'd probably have said 18. But lately crop tops have been creeping ever so slowly towards the mainstream, to the point where now they've arguably shed all of their negative connotations and become genuinely acceptable in the eyes of fashion. As with anything, it's all in how you wear it, and there's one golden rule you absolutely must stick to: no bellybutton. Crop tops are only to be worn with high-waisted items. End of story. But the flipside is that when worn with a high-waisted skirt/culottes/even trousers, they look not even remotely trashy but rather utterly sophisticated. Just look at Whistles' co-ords. I mean, when Whistles starts making crop tops, you know you're in safe hands. I went for this Topshop beauty because a) it's black, ergo goes with everything; b) it's high-necked, so you don't feel too naked; c) I got £20 off thanks to the Grazia voucher last week. I've been trying it on with some of my skirts and I have to say I absolutely love it. I will be waiting for night time to wear it though: crop tops by day is perhaps one step too far for me.

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