Saturday, 29 March 2014

today i bought… topshop hula crossover sandals

topshop hula flat crossover sandals

I posted a while ago about the rise of the ugly shoe, but I wasn't sure I was entirely convinced. I love the Isabel Marant cross strap slides that are doing the rounds at the moment, but I'm definitely not looking to spend that much money on this trend and a lot of the high street lookalikes are just too ugly, sometimes with flatform-esque chunky soles which make me shudder a little (gawd, I hate a flatform). So I'm happy to say I've found the perfect compromise in these Topshop flats. The thick patent cross straps make them suitably Marant-esque and just a little ugly, but the flat sole and lack of other detail means they are not crossing the line into something that just doesn't feel like me. And the best part? They set me back a mere £20. Ugly or otherwise, that's a price not to be sniffed at.

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