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It's officially fashion week season, and since I sadly don't have an unlimited travel budget and do have a day job, for me this basically narrows it down to one out of the four: London Fashion Week. You may well be a fashion week pro, but just in case this season will be your first foray onto the cobblestones of Somserset House, I've put together a few of my LFW essentials for your perusing pleasure. September was the first time I properly "did" fashion week, and all of these items came in pretty handy, I have to say.

iPhone: obviously this kind of goes without saying, since who would even go out to buy milk without taking their iPhone these days? But LFW is when I rely on mine more than ever. I use it to post to social media on-the-go, of course, but also to take catwalk photos since I don't want to be lugging around a DSLR (I'm no photographer, after all), to record voice memos when asking people what they're wearing and to file show reports by email (no point lugging around a laptop either, really). The charger is the really crucial element, though. I spent every free moment between shows last fashion week plugged in at Starbucks frantically re-juicing (not a problem if you're front row at Somerset House, though: these hallowed seats have power points - jammy). A cute case like this Stella beauty doesn't go amiss either.

Needless to say we're pretty much living underwater right now, and nobody likes water stains on their new leather jacket (or beautiful Pashli bag, incidentally). I like this Topshop one because it's simple: you don't want your umbrella to clash with what you're wearing. Also, don't forget a plastic bag to store your sopping umbrella in when indoors, otherwise you'll drench everything else in your bag or drip all over the catwalk (bit of a no-no).

Yes, even in February, even if it's pouring and so dark it could be the middle of the night. Because everyone looks better in photographs when wearing sunglasses. Fact.

Old school, perhaps, but if you're taking photos on your phone during a show you can't make notes on it as well. Plus despite the (dubious) wonders of autocorrect it really is quicker to make notes by hand.

5. Topshop ultra furry beanie / £5 (reduced from £18)
A beanie is surely a blogger/fashion weeker essential, no? If in doubt about what to wear, I recommend going as simple as possible and just investing in a couple of standout accessories. (Trust me, you do not want to be the girl who looks like she's trying too hard: they stick out like a sore thumb.) People who actually work in fashion tend to be underdressed rather than overdressed, so stick to classics and add a cute beanie hat and some killer shoes.

Talking of killer shoes… If there were ever a time to wear totally impractical shoes, this is it. Despite it being February I'll be in open-toed mules at least once (brrrr). Take note though: this doesn't mean shoes you can't walk in. Nothing says "LFW newbie" like a girl stumbling over the cobblestones. (Oh, and bring blister plasters, too.)

Because nobody wants spinach in their teeth on the front row.

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