Sunday, 15 December 2013

today i'm wearing...

River Island cream oversized coat

Zara leopard tote

Topshop navy jumper

Zara leather trousers

Zara zip leather ankle boots

A while back I bought the Kate Bosworth for Topshop Pistol boots, and for several days deliberated over keeping them, reasoning that although they were undeniably beautiful, the heel was just a little too high to make walking in them as easy as it should be. After a lot of wearing them around the house, I decided it wasn't worth the risk. Luckily, no sooner had I made this decision than I stumbled across these Zara beauties online. The same premise as the Topshops but with added zip and buckle detail (oh, how I love a little zip and buckle detail) plus the added bonus of - crucially - an ever so slightly smaller heel. I'm so glad I went for these instead because they're actually ridiculously comfortable and easy to walk in, plus I wholeheartedly adore them.

River Island coat /
Topshop jumper /
Zara trousers /
Zara bag /

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  1. Anna your boots are AMAZING - I so prefer them to the Topshop ones!! Leather, leopard and lambswool... you look gorgeous hun (as always!!!)

    Catherine x


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