Monday, 16 December 2013

today i love… the monday wish list

Topshop cashmere jumper Whistles Portland backpack Bioderma Hydrabio mask

I am powerless before navy jumpers anyway, but throw the word cashmere in there and I'm totally sold. I love how this is slightly slouchy, mannish and looks just a little like your school uniform - but a whole lot more luxurious. If there's a difficult someone still left on your Christmas list, surely you couldn't go wrong with a classic piece like this?

There are plenty of trends you can only work in summer: tanned skin, short shorts, open-toed shoes, sunglasses; the list goes on. But one you can't is dark lips. Dark lips should be reserved for crisp frosty nights huddled around outdoor heaters with a large glass of wine. Dark lips are wintry glamour at its finest. And it helps if the packaging's beautiful, too.

I've toyed with the idea of getting a backpack for a while, but had never quite found one that is chic enough. Well, the search is over. This smooth leather Whistles beauty banishes all schoolgirl associations in one fell swoop. Should be held from the hand, preferably in exactly the way the model does on the website, with the other hand dug nonchalantly into your pocket. Sigh.

Doubtless you've heard the hype around French brand Bioderma. It's been touted as the best budget beauty line to cross over the channel in recent months, and I for one am a sucker for a good review when it comes to skincare. My skin practically screams out for moisture at this time of year, so this mask promising "deep down, lasting moisture" is looking pretty tempting to me.

Got a last minute Christmas party wardrobe emergency? A leather top is your one-stop shop for looking appropriately party ready without seeming try-hard. Sling this budget top on with your favourite jeans or skirt, add lipstick and statement earrings/necklace, and you're done. You can reuse it at the office under a poloneck, too.

Pearl earrings seem to be staging a comeback lately, and I've actually fashioned my own single pearl drop earring out of two broken pairs (though haven't captured it on camera yet, so watch this space). For a daytime-appropriate version, I love this cute little black pearl pair. The perfect contrast to a huge chunky knit.

See what else is on my wish list here.

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