Sunday, 10 November 2013

today i'm wearing...

River Island cream boucle coat

Zara leopard tote

Zara patent ankle boots

Ray-Ban Clubmasters

Topshop black skinny jeans

Was intending to wear my ponyskin loafers today, but sadly I think the time for no-socks footwear has passed and I chickened out owing to the (almost) freezing weather. So I fell back on these patent beauties once again, I'm afraid. Still, I'm not going to apologise for how much I love them. I never quite understand the fashion bloggers who wax lyrical about an item only for it to appear a mere once or twice on their blog. Hopefully you're not too bored of them and you'll let me off…

PS, If you happen to pick up the December issue of InStyle (UK), check out the shoot with Irish actress Katie McGrath which I assisted on (see a picture here). It was such a fun day, mainly due to the fact that not only is Katie totally stunning, she's also incredibly lovely. Total girl crush.

Topshop Boutique jumper /
Topshop jeans /
Zara bag /



  1. Very nice bag xx

  2. I've had my eye on those Zara boots for a while, they look fabulous on you Anna.

    Lovely blog too, I had a good browse :)

    Sophie x

    1. Thanks Sophie, love yours too! :) X

  3. Fab blog - so glad to have found you. Is the bag current zara? I love it! Thanks Hx

    1. Thanks, so glad you like it! Unfortunately I got the bag about two years ago, sorry!

  4. Coat <3 ! What size do you have?

    1. Size UK8 - it's pretty oversized x


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