Friday, 8 November 2013

today i want… whistles lennox leather biker

whistles lennox longline leather biker

I posted about almost this exact same jacket around this time last year, although back then it was called Jamie instead of Lennox (see it here). Ironically in that post I was bemoaning the fact that I let a similar jacket pass me by and that I was determined not to do the same again with the Whistles beauty. Of course, given that the price was £450 and I didn't ever see it go into the sale, I did indeed do just that, and I've been haunted by its vision of outerwear perfection ever since. One of the girls at the Telegraph had it, and whenever I saw her wearing it I felt a pang of envy and regret. But it seems that Whistles have deigned to give me one last chance to bag this beauty. Of course, this year it's £45 more (not quite sure that's the right rate of inflation), giving me another financial conundrum. So what do you think I should do? Relent and finally make this beauty mine at a jaw-dropping cost to my bank balance? Or wait for the sales and risk losing out on it all over again?

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  1. Love this! All I need is a spare £500....

  2. Don't let it go now, i think you would be disappointed if it doesnt come on the sale.

  3. Oh I think I've seen a similar one on topshop or asos... I Love the design its soo cool

  4. I just purchased this for my lady for xmas. Not quite the same look but quite a bit cheaper!


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