Monday, 25 November 2013

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Whistles comme ci comme ca sweatshirt Zara leather peplum top Clinique superbalm lip treatment

As a total lip balm addict (ask my delightful friends who decided to hide my stash of lip balm and hand cream on a flight once and laughed at the way I scrambled around frantically for them like a junkie for about half an hour...), I am always on the lookout for one that can really deliver. I'm a big fan of Lucas Pawpaw Ointment which I stocked up on while in Australia, but it's more of a quick fix than a real solution. Guardian beauty columnist Sali Hughes recently posted about this Clinique balm, revering it as able to fix even bleeding chapped lips in a matter of days. I am ever a sceptic but I will put this to the test and let you know the results.

These aren't a new drop on Mango's site (and hardly very weather appropriate anymore), but I haven't been able to get them out of my head since I first saw them. I'm a total sucker for anything perspex, and these definitely have more than a shade of the Louboutin about them. One for the post-Christmas sales, perhaps?

There was a lot of hype surrounding the launch of this sweatshirt last week and it's easy to see why. It manages to have a chic slogan, which in a world of "Lol" and "Geek" emblazoned tees is no mean feat. It's also a perfect everyday staple. I very much suspect this might make the transition into my wardrobe all too soon.

Jewellery, I'm learning, is one thing that it's worth investing in. I've had enough green fingers from cheap high street accessories for one lifetime. Besides, these days I find myself leaning towards classic pieces that I wear everyday, rather than changing things up all the time. So it pays to go for sterling silver or gold-plated pieces. I adore these little studs because they manage to sidestep all the potential pitfalls of stud earrings (looking too "done" or "cute") without making too much of a statement.

Reiss has a beautiful selection of bags which sit perfectly between high street pleather and blow-the-budget designer: pricey enough to be special but not eye-wateringly so. I love this classic little bag for its simple, timeless design with a point of difference: croc effect and in an ever-chic shade of navy.

I've got a couple of Christmas parties to go to and I've spent the last few weeks trying to decide what to wear. Where the hundreds of too tight, too sparkly, too short dresses spilling from every corner of the high street right now would have delighted me as a student, 5 years on I'm so wary of how easy it is to get it wrong when dressing for a party. How to look sophisticated, fashionable and yet still after-dark appropriate? It's certainly a conundrum, but I think this Zara bustier might just be the answer. Simply team with a sleek midi skirt and swept back hair for an ensemble that's pretty much the opposite of New Look's bulging bargain rail.

See what else is on my wish list here.

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  1. I'm a lip balm addict as well and suffer from chapped lips in Winter, not cute when wearing darker lipsticks!
    I'm from Northern Ireland and recently a Kiehl's opened up in Belfast, so I popped in and chatted with one of the advisor's and ended up buying a few things including their lip balm which I must say is really good! I think it's around £9.50 so reasonably priced. I just apply liberally before bed and my lips seem really moisturised by the morning, I haven't had to reapply during the day which is a massive benefit.

    Also, really want those earrings now haha, my ears get really irritated if I wear cheapish earrings so I think I really need to invest in some that I can wear everyday but still look stylish!

    Thanks Anna for the ideas!

    Victoria x

    1. You're welcome! Thanks for the tip about the Kiehl's balm; that might have to be the next one I try! X


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