Wednesday, 16 October 2013

today i want... river island cream bouclé oversized coat

river island cream boucle coat

Every year we have to invest in a winter coat usually before it's cold enough to wear one, if we want to snap up the best offerings. They start landing in stores in August, when the thought of wrapping up in toasty woollen outerwear can leave you feeling a bit ill. But such is life. This year, though, I've left my choice of coat unusually late, not due to practical considerations like the weather, but rather because I just haven't been able to make my mind up. I'm actually a little bored of pink coats already (serious case of trend overload) and my other main option, the checked coat, worries me in that it may not stand the test of time. Given that coats are usually more of a financial investment than some pieces, I like to make sure mine will last beyond Christmas. Pink coats, it's safe to say, while super fashionable right now, will probably be left in the back of your wardrobe come the new year. The same can probably be said for pinstripes. With checks/tartan, the jury's out, but certainly the very distinctive Céline-esque laundry check will forever be associated with A/W'13 (as a general rule, the more totally en vogue an item is now, the less it will make up its cost-per-wear ratio). So it's a toss-up. Right now, my coat-allocated budget is leaning towards this oversized fluffy beauty from River Island. The shape feels very this season, while the colour is timeless and the texture something I always lean towards. Below are a few other options I'm considering. Have you bought your winter coat yet, and if so which one did you go for?

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  1. Adore this coat - you can't go wrong with the colour and the texture is just so cosy!

    Maisie Ivy

  2. this coat is gorg and looks so warm! I also enjoyed looking at your other chic looks
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  3. It's funny, I have this same exact coat in my wishlist on ASOS - I love the cut, Celine esque, as you note, and that luxe creamy colour. Ah, almost makes me wish Summer wasn't almost on our doorstep.

    1. Gorgeous isn't it? Be careful what you wish for though, I miss summer already! x

  4. Hi there! It is a lovely jacket- a perfect cut, shape and colour- you should go for it!

  5. I want it too, it's gorgeous.
    Mafalda ❤


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