Wednesday, 30 October 2013

today i bought… topshop rescue fringe sandals

topshop rescue fringe sandals

I always find the mid-season sales somewhat disappointing; for some reason they never seem to have reduced any of the items on my wish list, and even if they have, the reductions are often only around 30%, aka not enough to tempt me. This time around I haven't even been convinced by any of Whistles' offerings. But I have made one lone sale purchase in these lovely Topshop shoes. I am powerless to resist a beautiful heel that promises to be walkable too, in the same way as I am before croc-embossed leather. So when a shoe combines both of these tantalising prospects, along with a hint of Alexander Wang, I'm pretty much sold. Never mind the fact that I've bought these just as open-toe-appropriate weather is fast disappearing. When a shoe this great comes along at this price, seasonal dressing becomes pretty much irrelevant, right?

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  1. Hey there
    If you are a size 6 and ever think of selling these shoes will you give me a shout -


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