Sunday, 1 September 2013

today i bought... zara ponyskin loafers

You may have realised by now that I'm not the biggest fan of flat shoes. The fact is that unless you're super tall and/or super skinny, you're always going to look better in heels. Even when I'm walking around a lot I'll tend to wear a boot with a small heel, like my Marant Dickers. "True" flats are reserved for commuting alone. But lately there's been a definite shift in fashion towards a flatter shoe, and this season has produced some of the most lustworthy flats I've seen in a long time. As soon as I saw Sabrina of afterDRK's 3.1 Phillip Lim loafers (here) I was sold, and found myself scouring the internet for a more budget-friendly alternative. Luckily, as it so often does, Zara has delivered the goods. These beauties are a dead ringer for Lim's and have it all going for them: they're black, so will work with tights too come winter; they're satisfyingly chunky and mannish; they're ponyskin (gawd, I'm obsessed with ponyskin). Crucially, they also have a small heel, making them ever so slightly more forgiving than a proper flat. In an ideal world I'd like the heel to be a little bigger, but I'm willing to make allowances because other than that they're pretty much the perfect loafers.

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  1. These are gorgeous and remind me so much of the metallic phillip lim loafers x

  2. I love a good mannish loafer, and these are no exception! Definitely something I'll have to keep an eye out for in store.

    Anna xx


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