Sunday, 8 September 2013

today i bought... miss selfridge ruffle skirt

Miss Selfridge skirt /

Just as with the trend for pink that's currently all over the high street, a super girly ruffle hem skirt is something I would have firmly steered clear of just a few months ago. But ever since a few of my favourite bloggers have been rocking JW Anderson's amazing asymmetric ruffle trim skirt (see it here), I've been slowly doing a volte face on the subject. Still, I didn't think it was a trend I'd actually buy into until I stumbled across this skirt on the Miss Selfridge sale rail. There are three reasons I took it home: 1) it's made of a scuba, neoprene-esque fabric, making it a lot less simperingly girly; 2) sized up and worn low on my hips, it's a very respectable length; 3) the deciding factor: it cost a mere £7. I'm looking forward to seeing how ungirly I can make it look, perhaps with an oversized mannish shirt and loafers, or, like Sabrina, a boxy jacket buttoned up with just a hint of frill peeking out. Anyway, surely it's worth giving it a go. Did I mention it cost £7?!

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  1. Really nice skirt! and only 7 pounds! nice one xx


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