Sunday, 18 August 2013

today i'm wearing...

Topshop jacket /
Topshop Boutique tee /
Topshop Boutique skirt /
Zara shoes /
Zara bag /
ASOS necklace /

Unfortunately from now on I might have to start posting a little less frequently than every day. Sadly as I'm not a full-time blogger I'm pretty busy at the moment with various internships (and a nice hefty commute) so I'm struggling to find time for the blog every day. Sorry, I know it's annoying - I'm always willing my favourite bloggers to post more often - but I think it's important that I keep up the quality of the blog, rather than just thinking up posts for the sake of it which would be a bit lacklustre. Plus as the days get shorter it'll be harder for me to find time to take outfit photos. Rest assured though that I'll still be posting as often as I can, and always at least 4 posts a week. Thanks for your understanding and, as ever, for reading the blog!

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  1. Very cool look !! :)

  2. I'm obsessed with that bag :O and I love how you styled the new skirt you got!
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