Thursday, 8 August 2013

today i want... and other stories nude shoe boots

When Swedish brand & Other Stories arrived on Regent Street a few months ago I couldn't quite believe how much I loved everything. When I set foot in that beauteous store I'm the proverbial kid in the candy shop and I almost like everything too much; it makes it hard to narrow it down to something to buy. So far I've only actually bought a silk shirt and a few beauty products (the rose body lotion is divine). This week, though, I've been popping in during my lunch break to have a proper browse and narrow it down to a slightly smaller wish list than just "everything in sight". The verdict is in and top of the charts are these simply amazing shoes. I love a shoe boot, and this one has everything going for it: lovely nude colour, satisfyingly chunky buckle, walkable heel height... The one downfall, alas, is the price, which is a little steep for me. For now it might have to remain on my wish list rather than in my wardrobe, or I may just keep staring wistfully at it in the store. Stay tuned.

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