Saturday, 31 August 2013

today i love... smoothies

This isn't a food blog, obviously, but I thought I'd break with tradition today to share with you one of my other passions in life besides fashion: fruit smoothies. OK, maybe passion is a little strong, but it's safe to say I am a big fan. It's partly because I don't really like eating much fruit on its own; I find it too sharp. But whizzed together in a blender and suddenly it becomes one of my favourite things to drink, especially on a hot day. I fell out of love with Innocent long ago (they've long since discontinued all my favourite flavours and now seem to have only about three different ones. Come on Innocent, pull your finger out). And since then I haven't really found any shop bought ones that do the trick, ever since M&S discontinued my favourite ever ones, the brekkie-to-go smoothies (it's been four years and I'm still really upset about this). So I now make my own, usually on a Sunday morning, which I love doing. It works out cheaper and they taste so much better. Having said that, though, it can be a bit trial and error and it's taken me a while to perfect the art. My first breakthrough discovery was the frozen fruits section of the supermarket (in Sainsbury's it's with all the ice creams). Frozen fruit is so much cheaper than fresh fruit and obviously keeps a lot longer, so even if you don't make smoothies all that often you can just dig into the freezer for a helping. It also keeps your smoothie ice cold, which is always a bonus, because nobody wants one that's lukewarm. The second discovery was frozen yoghurt. I always need some form of yoghurt in my smoothies because it adds a richness that elevates them above pure fruit versions, and frozen yoghurt again has obvious benefits over its fresh counterpart. Anyway, nowadays I think I've got smoothie making down, so I thought I'd share two of my favourite "recipes" with you (both serve 1).

Breakfast smoothie

2 or 3 scoops mixed berry frozen yoghurt (I use Tesco's own)
A generous handful frozen raspberries
A generous handful frozen blueberries
A banana
A small handful rolled oats
A drizzle of honey
A good dash milk / water

Put the frozen ingredients in the blender / smoothie maker first, then slice in the banana and add the other ingredients. Blitz until smooth, adding more milk / water as required to achieve the desired consistency.

Tropical smoothie

2 or 3 scoops mango & passionfruit frozen yoghurt (again, I use Tesco's own)
A generous handful frozen mango
A generous handful frozen raspberries
A glug of pineapple / passion fruit juice
(optional) A dash coconut milk

Blitz until smooth, adding more juice as required to achieve the desired consistency.

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