Sunday, 4 August 2013

today i love... 10 random facts

I'm aware my blog isn't one of the most "conversational" or personal out there. I know a lot of bloggers engage their readers in debates, share a lot of details about their lives and are really interactive. Sometimes I think I'd like my blog to be more this way, but generally I just think the way I write is the way I write - I share a lot about my own personal fashion tastes without going into lots of detail about my life, and that's just the way it turned out. Anyway, each blog is different and that's why I love reading a variety of styles. I'm also not a full-time blogger so unfortunately I don't have time to spend ages thinking up the most interesting posts, and sometimes I don't even have anything to say about my outfits - but that's honest, and I'd rather that than make something up, so hopefully you can appreciate that. I am, however, interested in you, my readers. I know there are a lot of regulars out there (thank you so much; I hugely appreciate it) as well as probably some that stop by every now and then. So I just thought I'd get a little more personal with this post and ask you to give me a few random facts about yourself, if you like. In the spirit of sharing, here are 10 random, non-fashion-related things you may not know about me... Feel free to ask me any questions, too!

1. I'm obsessed with my cat.
Totally adore him. And I get really annoyed when people say they don't like cats, because they get a bad rep for no reason. They're the best things ever. Also, I hate crazy cat people who give us cat lovers a bad name. FYI, Kirsten Dunst loves cats, too. So there.

2. I'm almost as obsessed with tea.
If I can, I drink upwards of 8 cups a day. Very British, I know. But I love it. And Yorkshire Tea is the best.

3. I like really cheesy pop music.
Ke$ha. The Wanted. One Direction. Britney. Busted. And I'm not even ashamed.

4. My favourite TV show ever is Green Wing.
If you haven't heard of it, it's an amazing surreal British comedy set in a hospital. If you're in the UK you can watch it all on 4od here. Seriously the funniest thing ever to grace this earth. In fact I love TV in general, the geekier, the better. Doctor Who, Merlin, Primeval, Miranda... And I think the BBC produces the best shows in the world.

5. I collect Starbucks mugs from all around the world.
My friends and family bring them back for me, too, so there are lots from places I've never even visited. I think I have about 20 or 25.

6. I'm obsessed with Mexican food and I hate Indian food.
But my favourite food of all is pumpkin pie.

7. I hate rollercoasters.
And anything remotely adrenaline-rush-esque. You could pay me all the money in the world and I wouldn't do a skydive.

8. I also hate driving.
I hated it from the moment I started and even though I passed my test (third time, at last), I stopped soon after. I get the train everywhere.

9. I want to be Clémence Poésy.
OK, a bit fashion-related, but she is my ultimate girl crush. Kind of obsessed. (Also want to be the Olsen twins. And I can tell them apart.)

10. I know all the words to Will Smith's Miami.
My friends are no doubt so bored of this because I tend to reel it off whenever I've had any small amount of alcohol. It took me an hour and a half to learn it and now it's in my head forever.

Would love to hear some about you! (And don't worry, the blog will be back to normal tomorrow :)

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  1. I wish I could be as laid back in my dressing as the many lovely bloggers you feature here

  2. What kind of tea? My father always used to get all sorts of chinese teas (leaves not teabags) - I generally just lazily get Twinings (Ceylon & EngBreak) and dip custard creams in - often half the biscuit falls in and there's a mad scramble to get it out again with a spoon.

    Not sure if you needed to know all that.

    Green Wing was splendid.


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