Friday, 16 August 2013

today i bought... topshop boutique croc leather skirt

More leather, I hear you say? Well, yes, and I make no apology for it. As obsessed as I am with leather, though, I'm even more obsessed with croc embossed leather. Ever since falling in love with Alexander Wang's croc embossed shorts what seems like forever ago, I've pretty much lusted after every similar item I've ever seen. I sort of have a genetic pre-disposition towards items like this; I find myself inevitably drawn to them in shops and try them on without even meaning to. That's what happened with this sensationally beautiful skirt, and, unfortunately for my bank balance, since it's more than I would normally spend on a skirt, I realised it was pretty much perfection. Not only is it patterned in a subtle but still noticeable way with the aforementioned croc print, but it's also butter soft leather and the perfect length (sadly I have to accept that I'm not 18 anymore and prefer skirts which leave a little more to the imagination, especially if they're going to be work-appropriate). Needless to say I took it home (after trying on about three of the same size - thanks to the lovely woman in the Oxford Circus branch who ran around finding skirts left in the changing rooms!) Check back tomorrow to see how I wore it today.

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  1. I'm so looking fwd to your future posts, this season is going to be outstanding for leather.


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