Monday, 29 July 2013

today i want... zara pink coat

Let's get one thing straight: I do not like pink. I would go so far as to say it's my least favourite colour to wear. It's too girly, cutesy, adorable. Those are not adjectives I want associated with the way I look. That said, sometimes it's exactly those connotations which can make wearing pink interesting; you have to wear it with some real attitude, and really good styling, if you're going to manage to subvert them. Carven's pink cocoon coat for A/W is a perfect example of how baby pink can suddenly, unexpectedly, look fashion-forward: it's oversized and mannish, and worn with defiant hands in pockets. Zara's budget version isn't quite as nonchalantly cool, but it's still super pink and super girly, therefore just as inviting for those who are up for a fashion challenge this autumn. I like how it's styled on the site, with white jeans and fierce patent black ankle boots. It would look equally good with black leather trousers, a grey marl tee and Ray-Bans. Or perhaps shoulder-robed over a little black dress and strappy heels. In short, play down its femininity and you may just have found the perfect, fashion-forward autumn coat, all for under £80.

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  1. couldn't agree with you more! and love your hypothetical styling, sounds dreamy!


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