Sunday, 7 July 2013

today i bought... zara patterned slippers

Zara slippers /

Decided to venture out shopping in the sweltering heat today (it's finally summer! Yippee!) Thought I would make the most of the tail end of the sales, so spent most of the afternoon traversing the still-stuffed rails in my local Zara (accidentally spent so long in there that I missed the Wimbledon final, oops). Still, at least I picked up a couple of goodies for my pains. For some reason these slightly ridiculous slippers caught my eye as soon as I walked in, and I couldn't resist taking them home with me. I always feel slightly loth to spend money on flat shoes, since I only really wear them for commuting, but I do maintain that you should always commute in beautiful shoes, too. There's little that annoys me more than seeing a beautiful outfit ruined by an ugly pair of comfortable shoes - trainers are the worst (sorry, but they are acceptable only when doing exercise!) Besides, if your heel breaks off under your desk and you have to unexpectedly wear your flats all day, you need them to be lovely flats (yes, this has happened to me twice). I maintain that I'm not tall enough to look good in flats, but I do wish I were. Last week we had some amazing flat shoes in the fashion cupboard (including these Vuitton beauties), so perhaps that's why I veered towards these today. In any case, for £25.99, it doesn't matter if they're not pride of place in my outfits all that often.

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