Thursday, 13 June 2013

today i bought... zara mid-heel sandals

So... I've bought some more Zara shoes. I know, I know, how many can one girl own? But I just couldn't help myself. I seriously think Zara's shoes are far and away the best on the high street and can easily pass for three times as expensive as they are. In fact, my friend told me the other day that Rachel Bilson often wears Zara shoes in Hart of Dixie (best show ever, in case you haven't seen it) because they're such good quality. And that was me sold right there. So no, I didn't really need any more black heeled sandals, but I've managed to convince myself that these will play a totally different role in my wardrobe from all my other ever so similar shoes. Plus, they just look so chic, don't they? The heel is that perfect balance of just high enough to avoid kitten heel territory and just low enough to be totally walkable. They're not real leather, which I usually insist upon for my footwear, but this also means that they cost a mere £30. And really, you can't go too wrong for that. Especially not with Zara.

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  1. LOVE. They were sold out at my local Zara, sadly. I may have had to console myself with similar Kurt Geiger ones... Pay day can't come fast enough :(

  2. Love those !


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