Saturday, 8 June 2013

today i bought... silver jewellery

I don't shake up my jewellery very often, but I always like to wear a couple of quite understated rings and one or two slightly less understated bracelets. Lately I've become bored of wearing the same ones so I thought I'd buy a couple more pieces to add to my jewellery rota (plus I lost my arrow ring, sob). I love the combination of rose gold and silver at the moment (especially with white clothing) so I thought these two pewter beauties would look perfect alongside my favourite heart rose gold ring. I did ideally want to find something gold or silver-plated at a slightly higher price point, but it's surprisingly difficult to find reasonable mid-range jewellery; everything is either cheap costume or super expensive (please do another collaboration with Jordan Askill, Topshop). So needless to say I went for cheap costume. I like to think they look a little above their high street station, though. And if they do age badly, I'll just replace them and shake things up again. Easy.

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  1. if you ever want a sterling silver ID bracelet you can find them for under £15 in charity shops or independent jewellers 2nd hand.

  2. Aw no I loved your arrow ring! Love the stuff you got though :)
    Lucia's Loves

  3. nice bracelettt


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