Sunday, 12 May 2013

today i'm wearing...

Zara coat /
Topshop shirt /
Zara jeans /
Zara shoes /
ASOS bracelet /

I'm too short to wear flats; or, at least, I'm too short to look as good in flats as I do in heels. As I'm sure many of you will know, once you get used to wearing heels (and how your legs look in them), it's fairly horrifying how short and stumpy you feel in flats. For this reason I barely ever wear them (2 or 3 inch heeled boots like my Marant Dickers are my equivalent). However, every now and then I make an exception for these Zara velvet slippers. It was love at first sight when I bought them at the end of last year and although they gave me epic blisters for a while (not ideal when your flats are less comfortable than your heels), I've now worn them in and they're just perfect. I mainly wear them for commuting (there's nothing I hate more than women ruining their lovely work outfits with ugly trainers on public transport, so I love that my comfortable shoes are still beautiful). Occasionally, though, I'll wear them just because I love them and put up with feeling short. Sometimes they're worth it.

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  1. I'm exactly the same with flats! I feel like I've gained a stone everytime I wear them now.

  2. ps. sorry for commenting on almost all your posts, your blog is my absolute favourite and I admire your style so much! I find it so inspiring :) (love your pinterest too!) Keep it up <3


    1. Hi Zoe, thanks so much! Please don't apologise; I love getting comments! And I'm so pleased you like the blog - it means a lot :) X

  3. Ah I adore this outfit! You look amazing
    Lucia's Loves

  4. Hahaha I couldn't agree more about the whole stumpy-flats thing! I own 40+ pairs of heels and only 3 pairs of to say I don't wear them much either!

    PS I'm running a huge giveaway on my blog right now (here) where you could win you own Daniel Wellington watch (worth £200), you're welcome to enter it!x

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  5. How tall are you? You actually appear quite tall in the flats. But I have the same issues (I am 5'4") I wear flats for commuting as well..

    Lovely outfit!

    1. I'm 5'6" so not exactly short, just not quite tall enough :) Glad you like the outfit! X


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