Saturday, 4 May 2013

today i love... dressing the same, differently

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I remember once overhearing a girl talking about how she'd never buy anything from Topshop "because everyone shops there so you always see people wearing the same clothes". To me this was astonishing. Why on earth would worrying about what someone else was wearing put you off buying something you love? It's a fear I've never understood. Fair enough if you're attending your school prom - you don't want to rock up and find three other girls wearing the same dress as you - but in real life, I don't see the problem. To me, seeing someone else wearing the same item as you is, at best, flattering and, at worst, a challenge to wear it your own way. Even when I've gone on a night out and discovered one of my friendship group wearing the same thing as me, I can honestly say it hasn't bothered me at all. Because nobody has my exact sense of style and therefore we're not going to be wearing it in the same way. Seeing how someone else wears it can even give you inspiration about how to style it next time.

This is especially true of other bloggers. Because I only follow bloggers with a very similar sense of style to mine, I often find that we end up owning the same items. Take the above white skort from Zara (which, yes, I did keep!) Of the ten or so bloggers I follow, at least four of them also have this little beauty. That doesn't bother me in the slightest. In fact, it makes me happy because it almost proves how true to my style it is, and when I see them styling it in ways I'd never have thought of I take inspiration from them. In fact, I bought it after seeing it on amazing LA blogger Ann Kim of, as I've done with a lot of things I've seen on bloggers I love. I don't see this as "copying"; rather, it's just like flicking through a magazine whose style ethos is aligned with your own and using it to discover pieces you hadn't found by yourself. People who avoid the high street for this reason seem to be showing an insecurity in their own fashion sense, as though they assume other people will look better in the item than them. This doesn't add up, anyway, because it doesn't just happen on the high street (Kenzo tiger jumper, anyone?) Ultimately I think if you love fashion you should just trust your instincts, be inspired by others and, above all, wear what you love, regardless of what anyone else says, does or thinks.

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  1. i love the zara skort and i think you should wear what you like :) xxx

    I left my heart in Miami

  2. Fashion is about being yourself and so being diffrent so you can buy whatever the hell you want, it'll never look the same on you than on others...


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